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Self-Efficacy: your most powerful tool

THE RESEARCH SUPPORTS… self-efficacy is your most powerful tool!

Dr. Zimmerman focuses on the psychology of how one succeeds, or does not, based on their own judgments of how well one would perform in certain situations. After performing a meta-analysis, he finds his results support Bundura’s ideas of how self-efficacy holds more weight in motivation than outcome expectancy.

Personal and relationship characteristics logically precede the skills acquired in education programs and entrepreneurial and employment experience. Thus, expressing the importance of including an individual’s characteristics in these areas to foster a greater probability of success in training and education programs.

If motivation is a key factor in the success of education/training programs and entrepreneurial ventures, mentoring groups should nurture the individual’s self-efficacy – hence The Aspire Program.

Criteria for leading a successful business venture typically include the experience and hard skills possessed throughout life and formal education. For example, technical skills, writing skills, data analysis, customer service skills, and more. However, today the development of soft skills, such as communication skills, work ethic, initiative, interpersonal skills, and teamwork are among the highest contributing factors for success.

It is CRITICAL for entrepreneurs to prioritize their own personal development and self-efficacy.

Belief in one’s self removes the lid from their potential.

You CAN. End of story.


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