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Are you ALL IN in your business? 

​When you make a commitment or a decision to do something, are you all in?

Have you ever felt like you were doing something because you had to, or that you were doing something half-heartedly? What was the outcome of that effort? 

When you were a kid – was there a sport your parents wanted you to participate in but you never even liked going? 

What about THAT job – that job you need to pay the bills but cringe every time you even have to get ready? 

Ever tried committing to a diet or workout? How long was it before you reverted to old habits? 

How about your marriage, your relationships? Is there something missing? 

And in your business? 

When I decided I was ALL IN in my personal development, my life changed drastically – my circle, my tribe, got smaller, then started to grow with people I aspire to be like.

​​When I decided I was ALL IN to quit drinking coffee, pop (soda for you southerners), and eating packaged treats I lost 15 pounds and never turned back!!!

​​When I decided I was ALL IN in my business, my program started to fill up with clients! 

There are no excuses and it doesn’t matter what other people think… burn the boats 

When you set your mind to be ALL IN on the goals or decisions you set for your life and your business, life starts overflowing with fulfillment, achievement, and the pride of knowing you are serving in your greater purpose. 

So I ask you to ask yourself today, are you all in? What’s holding you back? 

It’s been a while since I sent out emails like this…. Expect more from me… I am ALL IN.

​​#goallin #burntheboats

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