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SETBACKS! Boy, they hurt sometimes… but so does growing

I want to share a little piece of my story with you… 

Last night, well all day yesterday, tech was my nightmare! More specifically, my public presence, registration links, online store…. ugh. 

What could have been a small project turned into quite an investment (my time), and caused delays and extra work that made me feel instantly frustrated, super overwhelmed, honestly, defeated. 

It’s no one’s fault! 

It IS a setback. 

SETBACKS! They’re NOT the end. 

Boy, do they hurt sometimes… but so does growing!

I was reminded last night, as I put my “everything is figureoutable” (#marieforleo) action plan together to remedy the situation and even attempt to get back on the timeline, that this “setback” was actually a VERY necessary and valuable learning experience.

I know that these lessons will only help me better serve all of you. 

I have been talking about self-mastery for a while and I believe that there is nothing greater, or richer, of a lesson in self-mastery than a setback. 

Take 10, a step back (stress makes us stupid), put your problem solving-everything is “figureoutable” hat on, and dive back in and get to work.

I would LOVE to hear your setback story and what it taught you. Email me, DM me, comment on my post… tell us. 

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