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Have you ever participated in a Mastermind? Do you know what it is and the POWER it offers?

A Mastermind is a group of likeminded individuals coming together to seek each other’s consult, using the group as a sounding board, serving as a morality and accountability check, a personal and professional coach and mentor, to overcome individual challenges and position themselves and each other for personal and professional growth, development, satisfaction, and success (Greenstreet, 2020).

The term, coined by Napoleon Hill in 1928, has been widely used throughout documented history and was historically used by Benjamin Franklin, developed by Andrew Carnegie.

Why the Mastermind?

How many times have you needed the advice and direction of others before making a decision?

The quickest way to learn is from other’s experiences.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we likely do not know how to do it all – yet, we wear 17 hats.

I have seen and experienced the power of the Mastermind, firsthand. I have witnessed entrepreneurs just like YOU and ME gain years of experience, knowledge, wisdom, and skills in just a few month’s time.

When you feel stuck, where do you turn?

JOIN A MASTERMIND and put an end to overthinking, getting stuck, and not having the support you need to flourish in your business.


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